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Welcome to the Last Thursday Band!   We are a passionate group of musicians dedicated to creating memorable experiences through our music. With a unique blend of genres and a love for performing, we aim to bring joy and entertainment to our audience. Our journey started with a shared love for music and a desire to share our talent with the world. We believe in the power of music to connect people and create lasting memories. Whether you're looking for a band for your special event or simply want to enjoy a night of great music, TheLastThursdsayBand is here to deliver an unforgettable experience. Join us on this musical journey and let the rhythm move you!



Welcome to Last Thursday Band.

Our goal is to always achieve a high level of musical expression with each performance we deliver. 

This approach has fueled our growth on the musical stage over the years. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us.

Please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.



Elegance, Passion, Well-Versed

The Last Thursday Band is a virtuosic ensemble combining diverse musical backgrounds to present a fresh take on classic and contemporary jazz, r&b, and soul with hints of pop, rock and blues.


Lou Czechowski

Lou began playing piano at age 7. His mother played piano/organ while his father, a priest, sang mass with local choirs. In addition to piano, childhood musical experiences included french horn, trombone, sousaphone and trumpet. He performed in high school & municipal bands. His professional career began at the age of 16 after which he studied at Berklee College of Music.​With a strong background and love for jazz (particularly the “cool era"), Lou's repertoire also includes compositions by Debussy, Beethoven, Mozart, and Bartok. Jazz influences include Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, and Keith Jarrett. Lou has played and recorded with numerous Jazz and commercial artists throughout the United States, Europe and Canada as a featured artist and side man. Many of the recordings can be found on iTunes.  Lou plays, Kurzweil Artis, Yamaha MODX7, Roland Juno keyboards, Steinway B piano. He uses Presonus Studio One, and Sibelius

Brian Bortz

Throughout a career spanning over four decades, Brian Jon Bortz – Bassist, has always found great joy in playing music at a very high level, and always with great musicians. Brian’s bass has taken him across the US…to Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. He has backed major show-business stars, played for the President and Vice President of the US, and annually plays for the Freddy Awards.Brian’s influences are wide-ranging, and his broad musical ability is a result. Growing up hearing everything from Big Band Jazz to early Rock and Roll, the guitar-driven rock from the 60’s, fusion jazz and progressive rock of the 70’s and everything beyond has continually impacted Brian’s playing and understanding of music. He is always reaching for new and exciting things!In collaborating with Lou, Chet and Daniel in The Last Thursday Band, the skills and influences of each of them come together with great energy to produce a sound that is unique and powerful, yet very musical.


A native of New York City and currently based in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Daniel began playing music at a young age developing his craft in drum corps activities and military bands. His technical skills and unique sound are the results of formal study and years of experience performing on stages worldwide. With an undergraduate degree in music performance and a graduate degree in education, Daniel connects his love for drumming with a deep interest in positive social-emotional and mental health. In his workshops, Daniel strives to teach students how to access and express their authentic voice. "It's about rhythm, but it's not all about the drums," and students gain more than just drumming skills. As a member of The Last Thursday Band, his thirst for musical exploration and excellence is quenched. 

Daniel gonzalez

Chet Brown

Chet Brown has been a part of the Philadelphia music scene almost his entire life. He has been a member of numerous bands, singing everything from jazz to popular music in local venues. After being signed by Polydor Records in 1978, he recorded an album under the name “Jet Brown” at Sigma Sound Studios, the home of the famed "Philly Sound."  Chet works as a studio vocalist and voiceover talent in the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys, and his voice has been regularly heard on radio and television for more than two decades. He has performed at such events as Vice President Biden’s Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C. and the Republican National Convention. Chet has performed with Teddy Pendergrass, David Clayton Thomas and numerous others.
Recently retired, Chet continues to work as a consultant for The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts. 
Chet is a frequent guest performer with The Allentown Band.

Last Thursday Band


What began as an experiment as a fretless electric bass/grand piano duo in the Spring of 2008, morphed into one of the most exciting virtuosic and versatile groups in the region. Brian Bortz, Lou Czechowski, Chet Brown and Daniel Gonzalez represent the culmination of years of developing a sound and style that is unique and powerful. This band can play anything and can do it well. Focusing on contemporary jazz and r&b/soul, they are cutting a new path that is pleasing to the ear and satisfying to the soul. So, join them on their journey as Last Thursday Band!


Last Thursday Band is committed to delivering a unique musical experience. Questions, comments, special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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